MEDEX 17 - Myanmar is on the rise to become an economic powerhouse in the ASEAN region with economic growth averaging 7% per annum over the past few years. As the country return to a democratically elected Government, trade embargo has been lifted and the influx of foreign investments is expected to accelerate. The Government will continue to upgrade its infrastructure and services and in particular on education and health sectors.

With a population of over 60 million, the demand for quality hospital and medical equipment and supplies from the public and private hospitals and clinics is projected to grow significantly. At the same time, the pharmaceuticals industry is gearing up its production to meet rising demand for western and traditional medicines. In the meantime, import of pharmaceuticals products reached over US$250 million.

MEDEX 17- Myanmar’s No.1 International Medical & Pharmaceuticals Equipment and Supplies Exhibition is held to provide a platform for those in the medical and pharmaceuticals profession to source for equipment and supplies and get updated on the latest developments and issues. It is expected to be largest industry gathering in Myanmar and is expected to showcase over 200 leading international brands.

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